While nearly everyone who goes in to zoological medicine is
highly dedicated and hard working, Gail Hedberg is a star.
She was able to get started soon after graduating from veterinary
technician school and has devoted her life to being a zoo veterinary technician.

When I went to work at the San Francisco Zoo in 1992, they
were not using MedARKS. With Gail's help, support and hard work,
within a year we were fully online and a site for evaluating test
modules. She also served as a regional resource person for institutions
needing technical support with the computer zoo medical program.
This was all Gail's doing!  
She took on numerous projects under my direction and supervision.
I have worked with many veterinary technicians and Gail is the
only one that has helped move her part of the profession through
research and writing.

As a Professor at a veterinary school, I know how important that
is to advancing the profession.
R. Avery Bennett, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS
University of Illinois
College of Veterinary Medicine