Making a major difference in this world requires an individual
who is very comfortable at “getting and living out of the box.”  
Gail Hedberg is not only comfortable but thrives in that world.  

Her passion about infant polar bear nutrition requirements inspired
her to ask challenging questions around the world.
When answers were not readily at hand or proven, she felt compelled
to spend almost a decade to find the answers through science.  
Her work has allowed us to understand the fundamental infant lifeblood
of this sentinel species.

Polar bear experts predict that by mid-century we will lose the vast
majority of these Lords of the Arctic. Gail’s work allows us to begin to         
understand key ingredients to help maintain the survival of the species.  
Gail proved once again that individuals can make a difference.  
All of us at Polar Bears International are very grateful for Gail’s dedication and determination to find answers!
Robert W. Buchanan
President, CEO
Polar Bears International-USA & Canada