October 20, 2007


This letter is to commend your exemplary service in caring for the infant siamang, Sungai. From her arrival in mid-February till her departure in August, your guidance of this 6 month project was excellent

As one of the three primary caretakers upon Sungai’s arrival, you cleared your personal schedule and made this project a priority. During the first month, your hand rearing background proved invaluable in transitioning the infant to another new home.

Your ability to convey your innate knowledge of hand rearing to SF Zoo animal keeper staff proved invaluable, and you represented the zoo very well in communicating with other institutions regarding hand rearing issues. You also interacted with local media and presented an informed explanation of primate hand rearing issues.

Most importantly, you maintained your commitment to this project when the second intro attempt failed, and when the future seemed uncertain. I believe this dedication was crucial in seeing the project through. The fact that Sungai is integrating with peers in Louisville is evidence of a job very well done. You have helped assure that she will have a rich social life with other siamangs.

It seems clear that you found this project to be immensely rewarding, and I hope you take pride in representing both yourself and your institution so well. It was a pleasure to work on this with you.

David Bocian

Curator of Primates

San Francisco Zoo